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The Turtle Effect Foundation is committed to empowering talented and dedicated athletes to pursue their goals.  Cycling was a passion of Turtle Wilson’s, and one he shared with vigor among his friends and community.  The Foundation now honors his legacy by investing in and supporting elite cyclists who bring the commitment and determination but lack the means to secure access to equipment and facilities needed to compete at the highest levels and achieve the best results they are capable of delivering.

What is a bikeROCKstar anyway?

This TURTLE-ism (one of hundreds) was first coined on his Rabid TURTLE Cycling Blog he created while living and racing in Germany. One of his many gifts was his unwavering belief in those around him, often exceeding their own.  Whether he knew you for a day or a decade, Turtle saw in you endless possibilities and threw himself into helping you reach your full potential.  Being a bikeROCKstar means nurturing that belief and working hard to become the very best version of yourself; the person that Turtle would have envisioned, that you’re capable of being, and that freely shares your unique gifts and energy with the world.  Be that on a bike, at work, with your family, or in your community.

Turtle’s contributions to cycling spanned the gamut of casual and elite athletes.  With so many deserving candidates and organizations, the Foundation is choosing for now to specifically focus our efforts on supporting elite athletes training for specific competition goals.  We’ll expand this in the future if we’re able.

In Aguascalientes, Mexico, TURTLE literally pushed riders to National and World records. Here he is pushing Dario Zampieri on his quest for the first Masters 200m in under 10 seconds.

What kind of support does TEF offer?

Support to athletes today comes in the form of gifts-in-kind. During the application process, we ask you to provide details on what areas of support you need (e.g. equipment, or coaching).

How can I get involved?

Want to get involved?  Have ideas for how we can best support the community of cyclists in need?  Want to share your suggestions for athletes seeking sponsorship? You may contact us through Facebook. Please also bookmark this page to watch for updates as we create the necessary means to contact us through other means.

TURTLE standing at-the-ready to assist at the LA Velodrome

TURTLE assisting “wifie” in the Team Sprint, World 2018 Championships