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Our mission is to perpetuate Theodore “TURTLE” Wilson’s drive to help others persevere through their challenges in order to achieve their potential and to share their own gifts with confidence in a “pay it forward” manner.

Building bike ROCK Stars

The TURTLE Effect™ Foundation is a 501(c)(3) non-profit committed to empowering talented and dedicated athletes to pursue their goals. Cycling was a passion of Turtle Wilson’s, and one he shared with vigor among his friends and community.  Read more about how the Foundation honors his legacy and what it means to be a “bikeROCKstar.”

Supporting Scholarship

The Lt Col Theodore TURTLE Wilson Scholarship will be an annual scholarship as part of a larger Falcon Foundation Scholarship initiative whose mission best exemplifies the sense of duty, perseverance, commitment to excellence, and humanity of Lt Col (Ret) Theodore “TURTLE” Wilson. Read more about how the TURTLE Effect™ contributed to the Scholarship selection criteria. 


News, Notes and Updates

2023 bike-ROCK-star kudos

2023 bike-ROCK-star kudos

On behalf of The TURTLE Effect Foundation and it's board members (Amy, Cecile, Todd, Ashley, Patrice, and JDub) I would like to thank our 2023...

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2022 Year in Review

2022 Year in Review

In our SECOND year as a non-profit foundation, we’ve seen our two scholarship recipients embark on their pathways to success, promoted two Colorado events, designed a few AWESOME t-shirts, and brought people together across diverse “TURTLE WORLDS.”

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Who was Turtle?
Theodore Wilson

“I introduce myself as Turtle and I usually say that just because I’m slow and lethargic and that creates a laugh out of most folks as I run into the room with my hair on fire. But it’s a good icebreaker, right? It kind of takes everyone out of their kung fu stance and allows you to lighten an atmosphere and try to focus on the things that I like focusing on, which is bringing some optimism and positivity to the room...”



Support the Foundation

Your support of The TURTLE Effect Foundation helps others persevere and overcome their challenges in order to achieve their potential in cycling and academics.  Please consider the Foundation for any of your charitable giving, whether large or small.  In the words of Turtle Wilson: “Let’s make it happen!”

The TURTLE Effect Foundation is a non-profit corporation formed under the State of Michigan with 501(c)(3) tax exempt status